COVID safe air travel

Your safety and health of our community is our priority. As a result of an increased threat of COVID-19 Albury Airport has increased measures.

Your safety and health of our community is our priority. As a result of an increased threat of COVID-19 Albury Airport together with NSW Police and Health - St Johns Ambulance (NSW) will be screening those who enter the airport. At screening checkpoint, along with a temperature check, please expect to be asked questions as you enter Albury Airport. These measures are intended to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19 for airline passengers and workers.

Entry to Albury Airport is available subject to permit conditions, considered on a case by case basis in line with the New South Wales Public Health Order.

Information for passengers travelling on Regional Express and Qantas

Passengers travelling to Sydney from Albury will be screened prior to entry into the terminal, loved ones, family and friends are still able to enter the terminal; however will be screened prior to entry. It is recommended you arrive 60 minutes prior to departure to allow for screening.

The Uiver Café is still operating for departures. Staff now have contactless payment.

Travellers from Victoria are to refer to the New South Wales Public Health Order prior to planning any travel into Albury. Additional queries can be sent to Service New South Wales.

Services to and from Wagga Wagga remain unchanged.

Information for Pilots and Aircraft Operators departing from Victoria

In accordance with the New South Wales Public Health Order. If departing from Victoria, prior to departing contact the Airport Operators with your flight details and have ready your permit. Through New South Wales Police the Airport Operators will advise if you have authority to land at Albury Airport.

Any clearance issue by Air Traffic Control does not constitute any form of Border Control clearance. Any border restrictions/ requirements or permits are solely the responsibility of the Pilot in Command.

If you require fuel, you are to remain in the aircraft after landing and coordinate re-fuelling through the two service providers at Albury airport (contact details available via ERSA / NOTAM*).

Before departing Victoria ensure you are approved to land at Albury Airport, if in the event of an emergency requires you to land at Albury Airport remain in your aircraft until NSW Police have arrived. If you have any queries please contact Service NSW.

*ERSA - En Route Supplement Australia
*NOTAM - Notice to Airmen

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The Albury Airport acknowledges the Wiradjuri people as the traditional custodians of the land in which we live and work and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and future for they hold the memories, culture, tradition and hopes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that contribute to our community.