New screening equipment concept mock up for Albury Airport
Body scanners and multi-view baggage x-ray machines

Albury Airport will be upgrading the security screening equipment in order to adhere with new security regulations.

Aerial picture of western precinct design area at Albury Airport
Concept design for Airport Western Precinct

Albury Airport’s unique strategic location and capabilities, offer a strong air base for aerial firefighting operations in Southern NSW and Northern Victoria.

Aerial picture of north apron at Albury Airport
Northern Apron resurfacing investigation

The Northern Apron surface requires re-surfacing to minimise the risk of damage to aircraft and potential liability to Council.

Aerial picture of runway and taxiway at Albury Airport
Runway and taxiway lighting conversion

The conversion of runway lights to LED fittings is the next step in the ultimate plan to reduce carbon for the airport.

Aerial picture of north apron at Albury Airport
Fibre optic connection from the Emergency Management Centre to the Airport Terminal

AlburyCity will connect the Albury Airport Terminal to the Local Emergency Management Centre (LEMC) via fibre optic cable. This connection will reduce the risk of communication failure to the Albury Airport Terminal and the LEMC.

Aerial picture of terminal from south facing north at Albury Airport
Installation of Solar at Albury Airport

The scope of this project is to install a photovoltaic system at the Albury Airport which will reduce the current electricity consumption.