When arriving at the airport you must sign-in and be inducted on to the site. It is Airport policy that all contractors need to wear high visibility clothing while on site.

WHS Contractor Register

Any contractors performing work at the Airport must be assessed, registered and recorded on the WHS Contractor Register prior to commencement of works.

Contractors must also have all insurances and licenses up to date to maintain compliance.

To be placed on the WHS Contractor Register contact us to receive a copy of the Contractor Safety Compliance Package.

Contact us to register

Albury Airport Conditions of Use

Contractors must adhere to the following rules and conditons of use when working at Albury Airports.

Visitor Identification Card

A Visitor Identification Card (VIC) is a temporary pass which allows access into a secure area of the airport for operational reasons/lawful purposes and must be supervised by a holder of an ASIC card at all times.

If you are not frequent visitor to the airportdo not hold a valid Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)  and do not hold a valid Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) you must register for a VIC. By completing this registration, you agree to the terms and conditions of use. Please note that completion of registration does not guarantee the issuing of a VIC.

Please note, you are required to access the below link in Google Chrome browser.

Register for a Visitor Identification Card

Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)

When working at the airport, you will most likely require an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC), in order to access the areas of the airport required to carry out your role. ASIC applications need to be completed by you and the authorised signatory from your employer.

What is an ASIC?

All people working at the Airport who require unescorted access to security sensitive areas must have an ASIC. This is a requirement of Australian aviation legislation. The ASIC scheme is a layer of security that ensures that only people who have been background checked to a certain level are permitted to be in the secure areas of airports without supervision.

All identification cards and access control permissions are subject to the terms and conditions of issue and use under which they are issued. Failure to provide detailed and accurate information may result in your approval for an ASIC being denied.

Apply for an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC)

Airside Driving

No person is authorised to drive a vehicle airside at Albury Airport unless they have a current Authority to Drive Airside (ADA), are the holder of a valid Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC), or have applied for and been granted a Visitor Identification Card (VIC).

However, permission to drive a vehicle airside without an ADA will only be granted if the vehicle is under supervision (escort) of a compliant vehicle and approved person.

Contact us to apply for an Authority to Drive Airside (ADA) or to arrange a vehicle escort.