Visitor Identification Card (VIC) rules and conditions of issue

Last modified: 10 July 2020

  • No person is eligible to apply for a Visitor Identification Card (VIC) if they have been refused an ASIC, or is the holder of an ASIC that has been suspended or cancelled.
  • A Visitor Identification Card (VIC) is issued on a personal basis and must not be transferred.
  • A VIC card may be issued with a validity date of no longer than 28 days.
  • There is a maximum allowance of 28 VIC pass days within a 365 days period.
  • A VIC will only be issued if the applicant has an operational requirement to be escorted into a secure area of the airport.
  • A person commits an offence under subregulation 6.38A (6) if the person enters a secure area other than for an approved reason, or engages in conduct that is inconsistent with the approved reasons for entry.
  • If the operational requirement changes, the VIC holder must return the VIC to where it was issued requesting approval for the new operational requirement.
  • If the VIC does not show the image of the holder, the holder must carry valid photo ID at all times whilst holding the pass.
  • The VIC must be displayed clearly on the torso above waist level at all times.
  • High visibility clothing is required to be worn by all personnel whilst working or visiting airside an apron area by day or night.
  • Ear protection must be worn when in the vicinity of an aircraft.
  • The escort must produce their ASIC card at the same time as the holder of a VIC pass when requested.
  • Visitors who are issued with a VIC must be escorted by a valid ASIC holder when entering into a secure area. Any ASIC holder who leaves a VIC holder, who they are escorting, unsupervised in a secure area commits an offence under the Aviation Transport Security Regulations.
  • A person who holds a VIC, and was supervised by an ASIC holder into the secure area, must leave the area immediately if the ASIC holder is no longer supervising them.
  • VIC holders are subject to, and must comply with random identification checks by airport operations staff, Australian Federal Police and airport security staff.
  • Persons operating Airside are subject to CASA random Drug & Alcohol testing.
  • Applicants who have ‘Tools of Trade’ and are working in the Sterile Area of the terminal must wear a valid VIC and be accompanied by a person who holds a valid red or grey ASIC at all times.
  • Tools and equipment are the responsibility of the VIC holder and must never be left unattended or accessible to the public.
  • The visitor will not have any access to – (unless supervised by a valid ASIC holder who is a representative of a prescribed air service) - An aircraft engaged in a prescribed air service
    • Passengers boarding any such aircraft; or
    • Anything being loaded or unloaded on board such aircraft.
  • All accidents must be immediately reported to airport management. This includes but is not limited to;
    • Fuel and Oil Spills;
    • Personal Injuries;
    • Anything found from an aircraft;
    • Emergency calls; or
    • Damage to building/s.

An applicant must report immediately to the Terminal Control Centre if the VIC has been lost, stolen or destroyed. A statutory declaration of the loss must be made within 7 days of becoming aware of the loss of the VIC. Penalty $100.00

The applicant must return the VIC to its place of issue prior to leaving the airport if the holder no longer needs to enter the relevant area for an operational requirement or the card has expired, whichever occurs sooner. Penalty $100.00

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