Dear Aussie Travellers,

Carly here. I’m the Chief Commercial Officer at Bonza - otherwise known as ‘all things customer.’ I want to give you an update on Australia’s newest airline as we get ready to turn the skies purple with low-cost fares.

The response we’ve had since announcing our initial 17 destinations and 27 routes has been nothing but Bonza! No, seriously. I know you’re keen to grab your cozzies and gather your rellies all for less than a tank of fuel. So, it’s only fair to give you an update on how we’re tracking. After all, you can’t be called Bonza and not be fair dinkum…

What’s the latest?
We’re getting closer to take-off, which means we’re getting clearer on potential start dates. Having this locked in is key to going on sale with our first wave of flights. One key input is that we now have confirmation of when our first aircraft will touch down on Aussie shores. This is slightly later than first
expected but gives us the clarity we need to map out the in-country process that starts once they touch down. In short, we’re making good progress and in the coming weeks I will provide further updates.

So with that in mind, I can confirm that you shouldn’t wait for us to lock in your essential July and August travel plans. Whilst we can’t wait to save you the long car ride or the need to holiday at home, we’d rather be upfront. If we have more positive news to share sooner, we will.

We want your relationship with Bonza to get off to a flying start.

What’s going on behind the scenes?
We’re recruiting hundreds of Bonza legends, progressing through the regulatory process, taste-testing our all Aussie menu (that’s a tough gig!), stitching together our uniforms, finalising onboard details from seat headrests to lighting. We’ll be taking you behind the scenes via our social media channels soon.

What’s to do in the meantime?
Whilst our team of legends work hard to get ready to go on sale, there is one thing you could do (if you haven’t already) - download the Fly Bonza App. It’s going to be the only place to book direct.

  • Why is the app where to book and not the website or third party websites, I hear you ask?
  • It’s simple. If you’ve ever booked an Uber, you’ll know what we mean
  • It’s a time saver. Spend more time at the pool (purple cocktail anyone?) and less time in the airport
  • It’s handy. You can research each of our destinations and what there is to do there
  • It’s better for the planet. The app is key in making our aircraft paperless
  • It’s direct. We can communicate quickly when you need us to
  • It’s satisfying. Food and drinks on demand from our all Aussie menu delivered to your seat
  • It helps us to do better. When you land, we’ll ask you to give your experience a thumbs up or down (we love feedback)

So, keep those cozzies close to the suitcase Aussies, and tell the rellies we’re working as hard as we can. I will continue to keep you updated as part of our commitment to stay true to being Here for Allstralia.

Carly Povey,
CCO of Bonza

Letter courtesy of Bonza