Emergency services and Albury Airport were faced with a 'Cover Your Face' scenario. The aim of the tabletop exercise was to confirm the full range of response procedures to a suspected positive virus case on an arriving aircraft.

The exercise ran on Wednesday 25th November with the city’s emergency agencies invited to take part.

This exercise is used to test the Albury Airport Emergency Plan (AEP) as required by CASA to ensure that the AEP is current and meets all responding agencies requirements.

The exercise had no impact on airport operations and flights continued to arrive and depart as scheduled.

A debriefing was held after the exercise to assess its efficiency.

The 2021 exercise will cover the same topic but will be full field exercise to physically practise the responses from Albury Airport and emergency services.

You can read more about the need to operate safely and securely at Albury Airport on our corporate safety page