Daily flight schedules

With convenient and daily flights in and out of Albury, you can plan your travel to and from Albury at a time that suits you.

Use the daily flight schedule as a guide to help plan, but remember these are subject to change. We recommend you always contact your airline to confirm flight times.

*Note – flight services are subject to change, depending on the time of year and passenger demand.

Flights between Albury and Brisbane and Albury and Gold Coast

Passengers seeking information about flights between Albury, Brisbane and the Gold Coast read more here

Albury to Sydney - Monday to Friday

AirlineDepart AlburyArrive Sydney
Regional Express6.307.55
Virgin Australia10.1011.35
Regional Express10.4512.05
QantasLink (Tues, Wed, Thurs)12.5514.20
Regional Express15.3516.55
Virgin Australia16.3017.55
Regional Express18.3019.50

Albury to Sydney - Saturday and Sunday

AirlineDepart AlburyArrive Sydney
QantasLink6.30 (Saturday)7.40
Regional Express8.30 (Sat & Sun)9.50
QantasLink10.10 (Saturday)11.35
Virgin Australia10.10 (Sat & Sun)11.35
QantasLink10.10 (Saturday)11.35
QantasLink12.55 (Sunday)14.40 &14.55
Regional Express15.35 (Sunday)16.55
Regional Express16.10 (Saturday)17.30
Virgin Australia16.40 (Sunday)18.05
QantasLink17.15 (Sunday)18.25
Regional Express18.30 (Sunday)19.50

Sydney to Albury - Monday to Friday

AirlineDepart SydneyArrive Albury
Regional Express7.559.20
Virgin Australia8.109.30
QantasLink (Tues, Wed, Thurs)10.2511.45
Regional Express11.4513.10
QantasLink (Friday)11.5513.25
Virgin Australia14.5016.10
Regional Express16.4518.10
Regional Express18.1519.40

Sydney to Albury - Saturday and Sunday

AirlineDepart SydneyArrive Albury
Virgin Australia8.10 (Sat & Sun)9.30
QantasLink8.40 (Sat & Sun)9.50
Regional Express11.45 (Sat & Sun)13.10
QantasLink12.00 (Sat & Sun)13.10
Virgin Australia13.00 (Saturday)14.20
Virgin Australia14.50 (Sunday)16.10
QantasLink15.30 (Sat & Sun)16.40
Regional Express18.15 (Sat & Sun)19.40
QantasLink19.00 (Sunday)20.10

Albury to Melbourne - Monday to Friday

AirlineDepart AlburyArrive Melbourne
Regional Express6.557.55
Regional Express12.30 (subject to demand)13.30
Regional Express17.5018.50

Albury to Melbourne - Saturday and Sunday

AirlineDepart AlburyArrive Melbourne
Regional Express6.55 (Saturday)7.55
Regional Express14.30 (Sunday)15.30

Melbourne to Albury - Monday to Friday

AirlineDepart MelbourneArrive Albury
Regional Express8.259.25
Regional Express14.00 (subject to demand)15.00
Regional Express192020.20

Melbourne to Albury - Saturday and Sunday

AirlineDepart MelbourneArrive Albury
Regional Express11.35 (Saturday)12.35
Regional Express19.20 (Sunday)20.20